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Donnatà Nero d’Avola Biological Sicilian


Product and Bottled Originally from Alessandro di Camporeale Soc. Coop. Agr.
Caporeale – Palermo

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Product Description

Donnatà Nero d’Avola comes from the most significant Sicilian red grape, which fully expresses its territory through an admirable balance and a surprising pleasantness. On clay soils, rich in limestone and potassium, the vineyards of Nero d’Avola are laid down and vigorous, planted starting from 2000 with an espalier system with spurred cordon.


The Donnatà Nero d’Avola is a wine with a strong personality and complexity, which fully expresses the territory from which it comes, also through its admirable balance and surprisingly pleasant to drink.


Color | deep ruby red with bright and luminous reflections.

Smell | characterized by an articulated aromatic pattern in which fragrant and whole notes of plum, raspberry, blackberry, cherry, violet, Mediterranean scrub, nutmeg and chocolate alternate.

Palate | intense, vigorous and well-structured, it is soft and pulsating, very pleasant to drink due to its gustatory harmony and its long, long finish.


The Nero d’Avola Alessandro di Camporeale takes its name from the name they gave to the family at Christmas, calling it Don Natale and then to the Sicilian Don Natà.


Type | red – DOC Sicily – BIO

Grape variety | 100% Nero D’Avola

Alcoholic strength | 14% vol.

Bottles in the vintage | 60,000

Pairings | ideal with baked Palermo-style anelletti or with a succulent sliced tuna

Serving temperature | 16 ° C

Chalice | slightly paunchy, of average height and size

Type of soil | hilly, clayey, sandy

Altitude | 380 meters s.l.m.

Year of planting | 2000

Production area | Contrada Mandranova, agro of Camporeale (PA)

Breeding system | espalier with spurred cord

Plants per hectare | 4,400

Yield per hectare | 80 quintals

Harvest time | second decade of September with manual harvesting and selection of bunches

Alcoholic fermentation | seven days at 23-26 ° C in Macerazione steel tanks | about twelve days, at a controlled temperature

Malolactic fermentation | completely carried out in steel tanks with indigenous lactic bacteria

Aging | 6 months in steel tanks, a small part of the mass for 6 months in 30 hl oak barrels

Bottle aging | 10 months at controlled temperature (18 ° C)

Organic wine, Sicily DOC
750 ml
14% VOL
year: 2016

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Enoteca – Via Duca degli Abruzzi, 177 – Catania

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