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Amaro Gerlando


Bitter artisan with herbs, an ancient family recipe


Product Description

Taste Velvety, unmistakable aroma, Amaro Gerlando is at its best when it is eaten frozen. The herbs that make up this exclusive recipe give life to a unique pleasure. Coming from Sicily and produced with the herbs of our island, all the macerations and infusions are made at the time of harvesting to capture the most intense aromas and keep their organoleptic properties intact.

Alcohol: 34% Vol.
Ingredients: Water, Sugar, Alcohol and Aromatic Herbs
It goes well with chocolate, creams, fruit desserts, frozen desserts, cakes, pastries, dry biscuits.
Handcrafted liqueur without dyes and gluten-free.
Flavor it Frozen (-10 °)


The order of the Templars was born in 1119 in Jerusalem with the aim of protecting those who went there on pilgrimage. It ended between 1312, the time when Pope Clement V decreed its closure, and 1314 when the king of France, Philip the Fair, burned the last grandmaster of the Templars and his greatest collaborator. Always surrounded by an aura of mystery that fosters myths and legends, the Templars left a deep imprint in Sicily during the reign of Frederick II. In this historical period the knight Blessed Gerlando D’Alemagna arrived in Sicily, presumably from Poland, the latter taking up residence at the small church of the Madonna del Tempio in Caltagirone (CT) of which he became the custodian. He became the protector of the weakest and underwent several harsh penances. When he died in 1279 his cult was immediately born, so felt, that in 1327 his remains were transferred to the Basilica of San Giacomo Maggiore in Caltagirone.
The Templars have always occupied a part of my life as a child thanks to the stories my family told me, while they tried their hand at aromatic herbs and infusions for making a recipe for a bitter. Growing up, I associated the bitter with the Templars and the knight Gerlando, since the stories told about him were multiple. When my family gave up the idea of making the recipe, he handed it to me. It remained jealously stowed for decades, until during a move I found it in my hands and mindful of the good memories I decided to reproduce it. Thus was born Amaro Gerlando. Appreciated by relatives and friends, I decided to start a strictly artisan production.


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