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5 Things You Did not Know about Granita Siciliana

5 Things You Did not Know about Granita Siciliana


The first thing to try is the Granita in Sicily. You are sure to be able to recognize a true granita? Here are 5 things you did not know:

  1. His recipe was born during the Arab rule in Sicily. At the time the colonists were preparing their traditional drink: the sherbet that is a fruit juice flavored with rose water and then frozen using snow Etna packed in special neviere in the natural caves.
  2. The granita do not drink but you eat and is not exposed in strange transparent machinery, the true granita is hidden in the cockpit. It is not crushed ice, a good granita must not perceive the ice crystals.
  3. Tastes recognized by Sicilian pastry laboratories are: almond, coffee, chocolate, lemon, strawberry, peach, pistachio and mulberry trees. Avoid different tastes because they are not original and above all a Siciliano did not need to put placards that read: “Typical Sicilian Granita”.
  4. The brioche has to be the classic with the “Tuppo” best when still warm. The Tuppo o coppola takes to make the shoe on the bottom of the glass. In some suburban bar it is also served bread used in antiquity.
  5. The term “half with cream” if you do not specify the taste refers only to the coffee granita with whipped cream. The cream should be sweetened with a touch of vanilla (non dairy creamer) and can be eaten in two ways: first of slush along with Tuppo or mix it with crushed ice.

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